The Parish Rangers will be leading a educational walk followed by short working party on the Common on Thursday 31st Jan 10am to 12.30.   Meet as usual in the Cricket Club car park opposite the Parish Office.

This activity takes place on the last Thursday of every month at the same time and place.

Join our Rangers on Monday 28th Jan to take part in the RSPB Big Garden Bird Watch. Meet at 10am behind the cricket club pavilion on the Common for an hour of bird watching followed by refreshments at War Memorial Hall. Bring binoculars if you can.

Dick Ashford Butterfly Conservation Herts & Middlesex Butterfly Conservation, reports:

“We thought you would be interested to know that a group of Butterfly Conservation volunteers have been walking Chorleywood Common recording butterflies throughout the summer of 2018. We now have our first year annual record of the butterflies on the common.

We have attempted to incorporate the different habitats represented on the common in our route. As expected the grassland areas, and particularly the chalky bank at the south end of the common, have the greatest variety of butterflies. It’s good to see most of the common spring butterflies e.g. Holly Blue and Brimstone represented. In summer the grassland is heavily populated with Meadow Browns, Gatekeepers, Common Blue and the Whites. Interestingly there is also a large population of the day flying moths Burnet Companion & Six-spot Burnet. Although these were not actually counted, they were both very numerous. It was exciting to see the Marbled White in significant numbers. Sadly the heathland at the north-west side of the common is pretty barren from a butterfly perspective. Next year we propose to incorporate two of the woodland rides earmarked for conservation in the Chorleywood Common Greenspace Action Plan into our walk. It will be exciting to see how this affects butterfly populations. It will also be interesting to see what effect the long hot summer has had on next year’s butterfly populations given how arid the land became. There is also a possibility that we will host some guided walks for the public to walk round our route and observe the variety of butterfly life therein.

We are excited by the potential beneficial effect of this on the whole ecosystem of the common as it is rolled out. ”

The species and number report is here: Chorleywood Common Transect Annual Summary 2018

you may not be aware of the possible sites for housing development that Three Rivers are considering for Chorleywood. Two in particular would dramatically impact the views from the Common, PCS4 and CFS14.

feedback has to in by 21 Dec.  The most complete information and suggestions as to how best to frame a response has been put out by the Chorleywood Residents Association and can be viewed by clicking here:

The Parish Council has included the following update on its management of the Common in their recent Autumn Newsletter “Chorleywood Matters”:

As we enter autumn, Chorleywood Common’s winter work programme comes into focus as we begin to plan the tasks and activities that will be undertaken throughout the colder months. Activity will continue down in the Maybushes where select trees will be felled to increase the area of chalk meadow grassland as seen in Larks Meadow. Grassland of this type and quality is nationally very scarce so it is important that we do what we can to enhance and increase this habitat. Our winter work programme will also see our Rangers commence work in the previously designated ’non-intervention’ woodland. Here non-native invasive laurel species are beginning to spread, out-competing the native trees and shading out the ground flora. Uncontrolled holly growth is also having the same impact.
Other tasks include the removal of sapling trees and bramble amongst the heather and gorse which can be easily crowded out. Building on from previous successful efforts, heather seed will also be collected and spread in lightly scraped patches to increase and promote its coverage across the acid grassland. Other areas of grassland and scrub will be left uncut to grow on a 2 year rotation allowing for better winter cover for birds and to encourage increased invertebrate populations. The parking area banks around the Common will also be managed to promote wildflower growth supporting our delicate pollinator species.
The English Longhorn Cattle had a 6 week grazing period down in the Maybushes and have been successful in reducing the scrub to a point where more delicate wildflower species should now be able to gain more of a foothold come the spring. We look forward to seeing the cattle again next year where their activities continue to help us meet the requirements of the Higher Level Stewardship scheme.
Early in 2019 you can expect to see new interpretation boards, signage and waymarker posts being installed. These will help direct people around the Common and inform visitors about the wealth of habitats and associated wildlife we are so fortunate to have under our stewardship. It is important to remember that Chorleywood Common is not a park but a designated nature reserve and whilst appropriate recreational activity is promoted and encouraged, it is managed foremost as a natural and wild place for our native species to flourish.
If you would like to get involved and learn more about Chorleywood Common, why not join our Rangers on a range of walks, talks and activities throughout the year [Note these are in cooperation with the Friends - Stuart]. They are free to attend and there is no need to sign up. Just come along at 10am on the last Thursday of the month where our Rangers will be waiting to greet you next to the cricket club pavilion opposite the Parish Council Office.”

The Friends have a display for the Parish’s WW1 commemorations of “Military Use of the Common 1914-1918 compared with Civilian Life before it”.

It will be in the Memorial Hall Common Room from Thursday 8th to Sunday 11th November.

There are a number of other events to commemorate the ending of WW1 over that weekend – see the Parish website:

Open to everyone. Last Thursday of every month 10.00am – 12.30pm, ending at a pub where people can stay for lunch/a drink if they wish. Certain tasks may take longer and will be advertised as such in advance. Other special walks and events can be added in ad hoc – i.e. bat walks, wild flower walks etc.

25th Oct 2018 – Pond clearance work – duckweed removal, sweet grass and weed croming, silt removal – meet at Cricket Club car park
29th Nov 2018 – Coppicing of gorse, removal of saplings and heather seed sowing – meet at Cricket Club car park
31st Jan 2019 – Coppicing of gorse, removal of saplings & heather seed sowing – meet at Cricket Club car park
28th Feb 2019 – Laurel and holly cutting and marking – meet at Cricket Club car park
28th Mar 2019 – Laurel & holly cutting and marking – meet at Cricket Club car park

Our next ranger led walk and activity morning is this Thursday at 10am meeting behind the cricket club pavilion as usual.

Daniel (the Ranger) suggests doing a walk around to start as there are lots of fungi to see, and then finish up with some work around top common ponds.

Hope you can join us, weather forecast looks “OKish”.

The TRDC Leisure Committee considered the TRDC proposal for a Play area on Chorleywood Common on Wednesday 10th October. The officer’s recommendation was basically that the play space be put on hold until there is more conclusive evidence that the local community are in favour of a play space on Chorleywood Common. Officers therefore proposed that the funding for Chorleywood be used to upgrade the Swillett Play Area.

No formal feedback has been received from TRDC but it is understood that at the meeting an amendment to the recommendation, that was then carried by a majority, to the effect that the Swillett upgrade is put on hold whilst the Parish Council is approached again for a decision on whether a play area should be placed on the Common. The exact wording of the recommendation  has not yet been received by the Parish Council.

Only then can the Parish Council debate and decide how to move forward on this issue.