Cricket Club Pavilion

16 Aug 2020

The DEFRA inspector has approved the plans for the Cricket Club Pavilion rebuild project under Section38 of the Countryside and Right of Way Act.  The plans have already been approved by Three Rivers Planning (TRDC).  Fund raising is being successful in getting close to the required target.  All that needs now is for TRDC, The Cricket Club, MissionEmployable and the Chorleyood Parish Council to establish the various legal agreements between all the parties.

You no doubt will have gathered that there are two planning applications to build 300 (20/0898/OUT) or 800 (20/0882/OUT) dwellings on the field east of Green Street/north of Orchard Drive.

The density and character of this housing will not be in keeping with the current state of Chorleywood.  This is an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) and will be seen from the Common opposite Common Road, even more so in the winter when leaves are off the trees.  You can submit your comments to Three Rivers planning portal with the references above by 18 July.



The Rose and Crown Public House is a Locally Listed Building of late Victorian date within the Chorleywood Common Conservation Area. Its architectural style reflects a particular moment in the history of architectural development within the area, which should be preserved and enhanced. Further, it is an important public focus on the Common as a place of rest and refreshment and thus further adds to the cultural identity of the Conservation Area, the Common and Chorleywood.
An application has been made to change the use and convert to 3 flats in total. “20/0954/FUL | Change of Use of Public House (Class A4) to two, one bedroom flats (Class C3), internal alterations to first floor level flat and alterations to fenestration | Rose And Crown Public House Old Common Road” Chorleywood WD3 5LW.
The Parish Council has objected and called in the applications on the grounds:
  • Overdevelopment of the site
  • Not enough parking places. – DM13
  • Loss of a local pub on this side of the village.
  • Light spillage
  • Concern with the quality of the units on a very constrained site
  • No plans on line to show change of roof of single store extension which will affect substandard flats.
  • The development would be contrary to Policies CP1 and CP12 of the Core Strategy
You can comment on the application through the  TRDC Planning Portal ref 20/0954/FUL. by 12 July 2020.
Comments close on 12 July 2020.

Following the Parish Council’s formal submission of its Neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP) to the Local Planning Authority, the final submission version of the NDP is now subject to consultation. Three Rivers District Council (TRDC) is seeking views on the planning policies contained within the NDP. The consultation will run for a six week period from Monday 17 th February 2020 until Monday 30 th March 2020. The final submitted documents and information on how to make representations can be found on the TRDC website by clicking here.

The NDP makes explicit reference to the importance of preserving the Common when evaluating development proposals.  We seek your support by commenting to TRDC on this aspect.

(Note: Neighbourhood Plans are the first plans developed at a Parish/Neighbourhood level with legal force. They are formal statutory documents and are additional to, not a replacement for, the emerging Three Rivers Local Development Framework (Local Plan). If a Neighbourhood Plan is adopted after following the formal process set out above, it will be used by Three Rivers District Council to make decisions on planning applications.)

The following is a joint statement put out by Mission EmployAble and Chorlwywood Cricket Club after the TRDC planning meeting on Thursday 23 Jan 2020.

“Mission EmployAble (ME) and Chorleywood Cricket Club (CWCC)  attended the planning meeting at TRDC last night.

Although the planning decision was deferred it appeared to us that there was broad support for the proposal. There were concerns to ensure that there was no future potential for a purely Commercial venture on the site and a possible solution to this problem was proposed at the meeting. If this proposed solution does address the concerns raised then a favourable outcome could be likely. We hope this will be at the February meeting.

During the meeting, the Chair stated that there was clear and widespread support in the community for the application and this undoubtedly contributed to the Councillors trying to find solutions to their concerns. ME and CWCC would like to thank everyone for their continued support for the project and a special thank you to all those who demonstrated this support last night by filling the public gallery.”

Its short notice, but tomorrow night the Cricket Club Pavilion project goes before the TRDC Planning Committee on Thursday 23 January 2020, 7.30pm at the TRDC offices in Rickmansworth.

The planning officer has, this week, released the planning report for the committee’s consideration with a recommendation to refuse permissionm but ultimately the decision will be determined by  Committee vote next Thursday.  Much of the report is positive, but the negative aspect revolves largely around the view that the cafe component, not associated with a sporting facility, is creating a building of a size and scale which makes it an inappropriate development because of the harm it would cause to the openness of the green belt setting.  The report can be viewed on this link here TRDC planning report on Cricket Pavilion.

Chorleywood Parish Council is in general supportive of the project (there are  some minor concerns over security lighting), especially in thats its development sustains the Cricket Club, enhances the local community usage of the Common and supports less advantaged members of the public.
The Committee of Friends of the Common support the Cricket Club’s proposal to enable cricket to continue to develop on the Common, with the cafe being a worthy cause, and hope that as many members who agree with it can voice their support at the TRDC meeting on the 23rd, which is open to the public.

Its early days but from what we have seen and heard so far this seems a worthwhile development.  I’ve pasted in information below, and you can get the full planning application via 3 Rivers Planning (there is a link below)

——————— from the Cricket Club…..

Exciting plans for a new cricket pavilion, cafe / tea room and community hub in Chorleywood
The local charity Mission EmployAble and Chorleywood Cricket Club (CCC) have now submitted plans to Three Rivers District Council to build a stunning new cricket pavilion, cafe/tea room and training facility for young adults with learning disabilities.

The existing Chorleywood Cricket Club …

The exciting new design proposal for Chorleywood Cricket Club …

If approved by the Three Rivers District Planning Committee, Parish Council and DEFRA, the Chorleywood Cricket Club would be supported by the England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB) to extend its provision to provide cricket facilities for all, including women and the disabled …

provide a new community hub and café / tea room staffed by learning disabled adults …
And provide benefit to parents with children, dog walkers, runners, horse riders, older people, cyclists and ramblers…
The new facility would also support volunteering and promote social inclusion, resilience and understanding.

Mission EmployAble and CCC hope to have built the new pavilion by April 2021 with a view to it opening for the May 2021 cricket season. They are seeking the support of the community to make this ambition a reality and help raise the necessary funds.

For further information about Mission EmployAble go to:

For information about Chorleywood Cricket Club, go to:

New Ranger – We said goodbye to Alec Pinkstone who has left to pursue a different career.  We are pleased to welcome his replacement Brendan Maher, who will be joining Daniel Du Gard in the near future.

Info Boards and Nature Trail – The Rangers are busy putting in the new signage and way markers for the Horse track.  There are a variety of info boards, including one at the Shepherd pub that makes it clear that the grassland there is also part of the Common, this being somethimes not known to residents.  Though some appear very visible, they will weather in. The next Wildwood Den is due to be installed in October and the way markers for the Nature Trail will go in then.

Cattle on the Common – The cattle appear to have settled in and are making an impact on the grazing of the Common. They can usually be seen at the bottom of Larks meadow.  The annual cut and lift will take place later in the month.

Common’s Butterfly Count – The Rangers held an event on the Common as part of the National Butterfly Survey. 14 adults and 12 children attended the event. More such activities are planned for the forthcoming months.

Please find below a couple of flyers advertising two guided walks on Chorleywood House Estate, led by one of the 3 Rivers Park rangers.

  • Sunday early evening 22nd September – a bat walk
  • Sunday morning 20th October – a fungus foray

Participation is free, but you are asked to book online (details are on the flyer) so that they know how many to expect.



The Rangers are having a butterfly count event on the Common on 7th August 2019, starting with a meeting at the Common Room at 11am.  This is part of the Butterfly Conservation event running from 20th July until 12th August.