Further reading and links

2 Nov 2012

These books will deepen your understanding of the history of our commons:-

Hepple, L.W. and Doggett, A.M. (1994) The Chilterns. Phillimore

Rackham, O. (1986) The history of the countryside. J.M. Dent & Sons, London

Dudley Stamp, L.D & Hoskins W.G. (1963) The common lands of England and Wales. Collins, London (part of The New Naturalist series)

Hepple & Doggett and Dudley Stamp & Hoskins are both out of print, but are in the library system and second hand copies can sometimes be found through online retailers.

There are considerable materials on the Chilterns AONB website, which also points to some comprehensive fact sheets published by Natural England.


The topics covered in each series range widely.  All are excellent and each also lists sources of further info.

On the the law which surrounds commons the authority is the Open Spaces Society which has published a small book that can be bought direct from OSS, details on their website.

Clayden, P. (2007) Our Common Land – The law and history of Common Land and Village Greens.  Open Spaces Society, Henley-on-Thames.