Common Management Plan

6 Nov 2012

This plan, commissioned and approved by the Chorleywood Parish Council, sets out the direction the management of the Common should take in the next five years (201-17).  It follows, and builds upon, the original Chorleywood Common Management Plan written in 1993. This plan sets out the principles of management across the main habitats and includes actions to improve access, interpretation and community involvement. Using the principles as a guide, more detailed annual work programmes for the Rangers and for volunteers will be produced. The current plan is aspirational and is subject to the usual constraints of public support, changes in legislation, funding and weather, and is subject to the constraints of Common Law.   Three principles have guided the plan

  • Striking a balance between the needs of the public for informal and formal recreation and the objectives of good conservation management while protecting the Common’s aesthetic appeal.
  • Moving towards managing the Common in a more sustainable manner.
  • Treating the rare and vulnerable grassland types as priority habitats.

The full plan is on the Parish Council website, in case the link moves there is a copy here Chorleywood Common Management Plan 2012