Grazing (as of June 2012)

21 Jun 2012

The Open Spaces Committee of the Parish Council remains committed to the reintroduction of grazing; and secondly that grazing should be continued in accordance with the Working Party’s recent proposals, subject to the preparation of detailed costings and to the advice to be received on the outstanding legal questions.  This will be considered by Full Council at its next meeting on 26 June. UPDATE 26 June: after significant debate with many points raised and aired, the Council by quite a decisive majority resolved to accept the Grazing Working Party’s recommendations i.e. graze the whole compartment including the area fronting Dog Kennel Lane.

The FoCC support the Council in their position. Any Chorleywood resident who has an opinion on any aspect of the grazing proposals is entitled to write to the Council about it, and the Committee of FoCC encourages such feedback – it is important for the Council to know the strength of the support, the opposition, and any doubts.