Butterfly recording on Chorleywood Common 2018

20 Dec 2018

Dick Ashford Butterfly Conservation Herts & Middlesex Butterfly Conservation, reports:

“We thought you would be interested to know that a group of Butterfly Conservation volunteers have been walking Chorleywood Common recording butterflies throughout the summer of 2018. We now have our first year annual record of the butterflies on the common.

We have attempted to incorporate the different habitats represented on the common in our route. As expected the grassland areas, and particularly the chalky bank at the south end of the common, have the greatest variety of butterflies. It’s good to see most of the common spring butterflies e.g. Holly Blue and Brimstone represented. In summer the grassland is heavily populated with Meadow Browns, Gatekeepers, Common Blue and the Whites. Interestingly there is also a large population of the day flying moths Burnet Companion & Six-spot Burnet. Although these were not actually counted, they were both very numerous. It was exciting to see the Marbled White in significant numbers. Sadly the heathland at the north-west side of the common is pretty barren from a butterfly perspective. Next year we propose to incorporate two of the woodland rides earmarked for conservation in the Chorleywood Common Greenspace Action Plan into our walk. It will be exciting to see how this affects butterfly populations. It will also be interesting to see what effect the long hot summer has had on next year’s butterfly populations given how arid the land became. There is also a possibility that we will host some guided walks for the public to walk round our route and observe the variety of butterfly life therein.

We are excited by the potential beneficial effect of this on the whole ecosystem of the common as it is rolled out. ”

The species and number report is here: Chorleywood Common Transect Annual Summary 2018