Art Competition

13 Jun 2016

• Please use A4 size of paper only

• Any materials can be used, paint, crayon, collage…..

• Put your name, age and school on the back

• There will be two categories, 3 to 7 year olds, 8 year olds and over.

• Pictures will be collected from you school reception on Friday 1st July

• You can also drop your entries into the Parish Office by Friday 1st July

• Winning entries will be displayed at Village Day Saturday 9th July

• Go to the Friends of Chorleywood Common Stall

• Prizes for the winning exhibits on Village Day






Having an ongoing record, year by year, of the butterflies found on the Common is interesting in itself, and also helps track the effects of how the Common is managed and of environmental changes generally.  This year the small survey team will meet on Wednesdays at 2.00 p.m by the notice board at Christ Church pond on the following dates:
15th June, 13th July, 17th August, 14th September

Please come along and join in the fun – all are welcome!

Here are notes taken by our industrious chairman of recent meetings.  I read that the TRDC Dog Control orders are to be adopted.

Open Spaces 2016 Mar 8

Full Council 2016 Apr 19

Open Spaces 2016 May 17

Pond dipping pictures

23 May 2016

The event was not as well attended as last year, but Andrew Goddard, our Ranger, had caught a number of newts, including Great Crested ones, which he could show the children:

Fun for all, especially kids:

Here are notes of the 2016 CWPC Annual meeting Notes of Annual Parish Meeting 2016

Of interest is that three councillors have resigned, so if you want to support Chorleywood and be on the Parish Council, now is your chance!

The Annual Report pages 4-16 is worth a read : for an update of whats happened this last year, including Open Spaces and the Common.

Beating the Bounds is an ancient custom in which the land owners inspect the boundaries of the land, this was last carried out on Chorleywood Common in 2013. Chorleywood Parish Council would like you to join us in this historical event, supported by FoCC.

Both the PARISH CLERK and OUR RANGERS will be on hand to guide you around the Common and answer questions etc.

Hopefully the SUN will be out too. We will also take this opportunity to LITTER PICK.  HOMEMADE CAKES and REFRESHMENTS will be provided afterwards in the Junction.

EVERYBODY WELCOME. Meeting at 2pm by Christchurch Parking Area.


The Extraordinary Meeting of the Council to consider the location for the new play area in Chorleywood was held on 26th April. After receiving representations from 6 members of the public, including those from our Chairman and Simon Varnals, each Council member gave their views. Site 15 – on the open ground alongside the railway fence between Shepherds Bridge and the grove of trees before the station car park – was preferred to Site 13 as a possible site on the Common. The final motion, “that a play area on the Common be rejected and that TRDC be asked to look into a play area in Chorleywood House Estate” was passed by 10 votes to 6. There were apologies for absence from one Councillor.  We would like to thank all our members who have engaged in this debate.

Do you want to stop this:


becoming this:

(Three Rivers new play area at Ebury Aquadrome – but note that the discussions about the design of a play area wherever it is sited have stressed the importance of a scheme that blends into the landscape, so hopefully any play area won’t be as intrusive as the latest on Three Rivers have built)

Keep our unique Common for the enjoyment of all, now and for the future.

There will be an EXTRA ORDINARY MEETING to discuss the location of the PROPOSED PLAY AREA IN CHORLEYWOOD on TUESDAY 26TH APRIL AT 7.30PM at The War Memorial Hall.  The Parish Council has called this meeting to discuss all information and evidence from the reports and make recommendation to Three Rivers District Council for consideration.  Press and public are cordially invited to attend, and normal practice is that a limited small number of members of the public can register at the beginning of the meeting to speak.

Please come along to show your support for the stance of the majority of the Friends of Chorleywood Common who say the Common should be protected, there should not be a formal Play Area on the Common, and that Chorleywood House Estate is a suitable site for any Play Area.

The “pro Common lobby” brushes aside the difficult decisions about the special features of our Common and its unsuitability for the disabled – it seems to be just about a concept of immediate convenience for some without regard for the consequences for all for the future. The Estate has many advantages that are being dismissed without due consideration.