Michael Warburg

9 Jan 2021

We bring you the sad news that Michael Warburg, the President of Friends of Chorleywood Common, died at the end of 2020.  Michael was a founding father of the Friends back in 1990, when, along with Olive Entwistle, he saw the importance of preserving the Common, supporting its management, and promoting local interest in it, through pond-dipping events and work parties.
Michael could be seen every day walking on the Common with his wife Rosemary and their dog.  We have to thank Michael for the Parish Council now taking active ecological management of the Common and having a dedicated Conservation Ranger.  Michael was Chair of the Friends until ill health meant he had to reduce his activities, and in 2018 he was appointed as President with the death of Olive.  Michael was a long time active member of the British Herpetological Society, passionate about and licensed to breed the rare Great Crested Newt – thanks to him we have these newts in many of the ponds on the Common (as well as in ponds in our gardens!). Michael displayed Crested newts every Village Day until recently, with a long queue of people waiting their turn to listen to him explaining all about the life cycle of newts.
Michael also was the driving force in challenging past applications to develop the Green Street fields, successfully arguing the environmental benefits of keeping this an area of outstanding natural beauty.
He was a successful entrepreneur introducing early automation into business, and was the Honorary Treasurer of the modern City livery company, the Worshipful Company of Information Technologists.
Our thoughts go out to Rosemary.  And thank you Michael, you won’t be forgotten.

TRDC have approved the plans for the “Demolition of existing cricket club and construction of two storey cricket pavilion including WCs and changing facilities, cafe and kitchen, gift shop, meeting and training space and other associated support/facility areas and viewing terrace”.

We understand the funds have been raised so contruction should start soon – it was planned to start in October to be completed in time for the start of the next cricket season, lets hope this is still achievable.  We wish future success to the Cricket Club and Mission Employable in their mission to support enjoyment of cricket on the Common, and to provide training opportunities for disadvanged members of the community.

The rangers have been making Xmas wreaths with materials forom the Common.  They are for sale for charity from the Parish Office, for collection on 3 and 4th December.  They have made a recording of their construction:


Daniel du Gard, our Ranger for the Common, has written an article on his hobby of bee keeping.  The article is 374_Wild honey bees

They are back and black!

With the holidays and good weather there has been a significant increase in the use of the Common for recreation and meeting friends and family (under covid safe guidelines).  We are in the fortunate position of having the Common on our doorstep to enjoy the open air.  However there have been some instances of inappropriate behaviour (eg damage to the Gnome House) and littering.  Our Police Community Support Officers are making the Common a ‘safety net priority’, and will patrol this area at least twice on their shift.

If you do come across any problems please do not hesitate to contact our PSCOs Dean or Paul on Telephone: 01923 472267 or E-mail: dean.redhead@herts.pnn.police.uk

On 12 August TRDC refused the application to change the use of the Rose and Crown into flats on the grounds:

  • The existing public house is an asset that serves the local community, and the development therefore would result in the loss of a local community facility which could otherwise support the local community. The proposed development would also result in the loss of a small scale business that provides jobs and promotes skills and learning opportunities within the locality and District.
  • The proposed change of use would result in the loss of the building as a public house which makes a material contribution to the historic character and setting of the Chorleywood Common Conservation Area.  No public benefits would result from the proposed development.
  • The development would not contribute to the provision of affordable housing.

Cricket Club Pavilion

16 Aug 2020

The DEFRA inspector has approved the plans for the Cricket Club Pavilion rebuild project under Section38 of the Countryside and Right of Way Act.  The plans have already been approved by Three Rivers Planning (TRDC).  Fund raising is being successful in getting close to the required target.  All that needs now is for TRDC, The Cricket Club, MissionEmployable and the Chorleyood Parish Council to establish the various legal agreements between all the parties.

You no doubt will have gathered that there are two planning applications to build 300 (20/0898/OUT) or 800 (20/0882/OUT) dwellings on the field east of Green Street/north of Orchard Drive.

The density and character of this housing will not be in keeping with the current state of Chorleywood.  This is an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) and will be seen from the Common opposite Common Road, even more so in the winter when leaves are off the trees.  You can submit your comments to Three Rivers planning portal with the references above by 18 July.



The Rose and Crown Public House is a Locally Listed Building of late Victorian date within the Chorleywood Common Conservation Area. Its architectural style reflects a particular moment in the history of architectural development within the area, which should be preserved and enhanced. Further, it is an important public focus on the Common as a place of rest and refreshment and thus further adds to the cultural identity of the Conservation Area, the Common and Chorleywood.
An application has been made to change the use and convert to 3 flats in total. “20/0954/FUL | Change of Use of Public House (Class A4) to two, one bedroom flats (Class C3), internal alterations to first floor level flat and alterations to fenestration | Rose And Crown Public House Old Common Road” Chorleywood WD3 5LW.
The Parish Council has objected and called in the applications on the grounds:
  • Overdevelopment of the site
  • Not enough parking places. – DM13
  • Loss of a local pub on this side of the village.
  • Light spillage
  • Concern with the quality of the units on a very constrained site
  • No plans on line to show change of roof of single store extension which will affect substandard flats.
  • The development would be contrary to Policies CP1 and CP12 of the Core Strategy
You can comment on the application through the  TRDC Planning Portal ref 20/0954/FUL. by 12 July 2020.
Comments close on 12 July 2020.